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Breed: Gray tabby

Sex: Female

Age: 13 Years

Fee: $40.00; no fee if adopter is 62 or older

Hi, I'm Cozy! My foster family says I offer just the right balance of affection and independence. I run to greet them when they get home, and I love getting chin, head and even full-body pets. I even like being brushed with a Furminator! I'm not much of a cuddler, but I do like to sleep on my humans' backs at night. I knead my human or feather pillow until it's just the right consistency before settling down for a catnap. I'm a very curious kitty who loves to explore the house. I'll walk right up to greet new people. I've never scratched the furniture because I love my cardboard scratchers! Once we get to know each other, I will even let you trim my nails! I use the litterbox like a perfect lady. I have a foster dog brother and we get along fine now that he knows his place. My favorite toy is a leather shoestring. My health? It's good for a girl my age! I do have feline asthma that went untreated for a long time. This has resulted in a chronic cough that is being managed with oral steroids right now. I take a pill hidden in food twice a day and it's no big deal. I also have a spot on my eye that doesn't seem to affect my eyesight. My foster parents say I'm a great choice if you're looking for a laid-back, low-maintenance and affectionate companion. If you would like to meet me, just call the shelter at 510-337-8565. My foster family will bring me right over!