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Personality: Happy-go-lucky, people-oriented

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 71 lbs.

Age: 8 Years

Fee: No adoption fee - Milo has been sponsored!

Milo is a popular guy - he actually has a wait list of volunteers who want to take him home for the weekend! We love that his social calendar is booked but we'd prefer he find a permanent home and so would he! Here's what volunteer Melissa had to say about her recent day out with Milo:

"Milo and I had an amazing day together! When I picked him up he was so excited, but settled as soon as we got in the car. We then went on a great walk on the point! Milo walks right next to you and does not pull. Once we got to a quiet area we sat on a picnic blanket together for awhile. He laid next to me the entire time. If there was a dog or squirrel walking by he would just stare silently. Finally Milo and I went to my apartment and watched a March Madness game together. He fell asleep a few minutes into the game, but I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for his adorable snoring. Milo is a very easy-going, sweet, and well-behaved dog. I can’t wait to see him go to his forever home!"