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Breed: Black and white long hair

Personality: Charming, opinionated and well-informed

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 2 Years

Hi, I'm Becky, a shy but very sweet young cat. With time I will probably come out of my shell a bit more. Here's where I stand on important cat issues:

- I'm not a fan of being picked up; however, I am that rare kitty who will show you my belly for petting!

- I love, love, love having my long, fluffy coat gently combed.

- My ideal furever home would be quiet, with no other pets or small children who pull tails.

- My ideal human will like to watch CNN and music videos. If you do not have a TV, I would appreciate being provided with my own personal tablet. 

I'm not a stickler for that last requirement. It's more of a sign-on bonus. But if you can deliver, it would help me make a decision faster! Hope to meet you soon so I can start entertaining you with all my adorable quirks! 

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