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Bob Cat

Breed: Brown tabby longhair

Personality: Purrer

Sex: Neutered male

Weight: 16 lbs

Age: 9 years old

Fee: February Special: All pets just $45!


Looking for a cat with a calming vibe?

Meet Bob the cat, full name Bob Cat. A mellow, eager-to-please gentlekitty to whom his little girl sadly developed bad allergies. 

Bob Cat was adopted from FAAS as a kitten almost nine years ago; he has grown into a big handsome tabby with a long soft coat. He is litterbox trained (he prefers the clay-clumping kind), gets along with other cats, and enjoys a variety of toys and attention from children.

His former owner describes him as "shy, quiet, affectionate at night."

Bob loves scratching posts but not loud noises or dogs, at least not the one in his old home. He likes to cuddle and purrs constantly.

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