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Earl Gray

Breed: Russian Blue

Personality: Rebel without the claws

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 1 Year 7 Months

Fee: No adoption fee - I’ve been sponsored!


Meet our resident bad boy, Earl Gray, a big handsome tom with a luxurious gray pelt. Earl was kicked out of two foster homes for unprovoked biting and scratching. Lately, however, he seems to have worked through his issues. He still likes to pull pranks but the claws are staying sheathed and Earl is charming for longer periods of time. We still don't recommend he live with other cats or children, but we think he might be ready for an adult household with dogs.

Here's what one foster had to say:
"Earl is very energetic. He plays for two or three hours every morning chasing stuffed mice, ideally with his humans! He's very good at fetch, frequently bringing the mouse back for another toss. He likes to play for about an hour in the afternoon, followed by a nap, and then one more short playtime before bed. He's a heavy sleeper -- and loves being carried over a shoulder like a sack of potatoes when sleepy. When he's not playing, eating or sleeping, he likes to lie on the couch between two people, going back and forth to give equal affectionate "lean time."

Earl is a very smart cat. If something doesn't work out for him, he'll find another approach that will. At one point he got an empty Kleenex box stuck on his head trying to fetch a mouse but he didn't panic! He just backed himself against a wall so he had leverage and pulled it off - pretty impressive. (The next two days, he would swat at Kleenex boxes like "I remember you....")

He's still very kittenish and will grab your hands with his mouth when playing (he never breaks the skin) or stalk passing legs. It can be startling but he just really loves to hunt mice and sometimes people. He'll probably outgrow this.

Earl meows loudly to announce important stuff such as bed time. Otherwise he's quiet or making a really cute and expressive "mrrrr" sound. He's a great purr-er, too. He's not a big foodie but does love his wet food."

 Meet the enigmatic Earl Grey!