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Breed: Gray and white shorthair

Personality: Decision maker

Sex: Neutered Male

Size: 14 lbs

Age: 3 years

Fee: $40 Through May


This pet is located at the FAAS Cat Experience, 2228 South Shore, open every afternoon except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Are you looking for a new head of household? Gandalf is looking for a CEO position with an understanding family who likes a cat with sass.

Once a street urchin, Gandalf clawed his way to the top and knows what hard work looks like, which is why he has no interest in hard work. He’s earned his corner office and a life of luxury. 

Gandalf runs a tight ship and expects nothing but a loyal feeder who occasionally asks to bestow a brief, approved pet on the head.

Gandalf prefers to sit on a throne and observe his staff as they go about their duties. He expects strict breakfast and dinner times, and treats throughout the day. But he’s not interested in being carried around on his palanquin, preferring to move about among his subjects on his terms.

 In return, Gandalf will give you great satisfaction just by knowing him. Nothing more, nothing less.    

Gandalf is scheduling interviews as his schedule permits. Fill out an application today! 

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