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Breed: Gray shorthair

Personality: Friendly, laid back

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 11 Years

Fee: $40.00/no fee if adopter is 62 or older

Hey, I'm Grayson! I'm a streetwise guy who was on my own for a while, and although it had its advantages (lots of "me time," the ladies, et cetera), I'm ready to come in from the proverbial cold. The doc says that aside from being a little underweight, I'm healthy, which is a great relief to hear. I don't remember the details, but I once had a home, because I do like people. When we meet for the first time I like to give your hand a friendly head butt and I absolutely love to get petted in return. With the rainy season coming on I'm glad to be safe at FAAS, but I do dream of having a family again, now that I've sown my wild oats. I've been around the block so nothing much scares me, except possibly the thought of you passing me by. Let's meet, okay? Thanks for your interest!

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