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Breed: Gray tabby

Personality: Extremely affectionate, attentive, curious

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 10 Years

Hi, I'm Jenny, a kitty in her middle years looking for a caring home. I am small but have a huge personality. Here's what my foster mom said about me!

"Jenny is a very loving and people-oriented cat. She is very curious about what people are doing, and always follows us around during the day. She is not interested in playing with toys, and prefers to spend her time cuddling on a lap, lounging in the sun, or 'helping' people with chores. She is the quintessential lap cat. She sleeps well through the night, and is tidy when using her litter box."

The shelter and my foster home are working hard to get my health sorted out. I have started a daily steroid medication that is making me feel a lot better. I'm always hungry, so I never mind taking my pill. My coat is growing back in and I have more energy. Nobody's perfect, so I hope this doesn't put you off wanting to meet me. I am the most loving kitty ever!