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Breed: Siamese

Personality: Shy but sweet, low key

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 2 Years

Ronin is a young Siamese boy recovering nicely from surgery in January. He's learned to get around great and even do some jumping to get where he wants to go in the house but will need to be an inside cat for his safety. Ronin is in a foster home right now with another foster cat, and his family loves him but can't keep two kitties in their small condo, so this handsome tripod is looking for a permanent place to hang his collar. Perhaps because of his recent medical trauma, Ronin currently does not like to be picked up, petted, or invited into a lap. He just wants to hang out in the same room with people. His attitude might change with time, but for now, a quiet, all-adult home with another cat would be perfect. If you would like to know more about Ronin, please call (510) 337-8565.