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Personality: Puppyish young adult

Sex: Female

Weight: 52 lbs.

Age: 9 Months


Hi, I'm Aioli, a beautiful young Alaskan husky mix.

I'm basically a big adorable puppy: Untrained, super sweet, friendly and sociable, and often silly and mouthy. (When I'm not sure what you want me to do, I might just fall over submissively on my back like a goose - like when I got my vaccinations!)

I still only weigh a relatively light 52 pounds, so I'm pretty easy for an adult to handle despite my puppyness. But like all huskies I'm smarter and more adventurous than your average mutt -- so think high fences and extra locks on the door! 

My ideal adopter would have some prior husky experience, but who knows? If you have lots of spare time, patience and love to give a baby like me, I could be your perfect starter. Come meet me at FAAS!

Meet Aioli!