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Personality: Smart, friendly, eager young dog

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 72 lbs

Age: 1 Year 7 Months

Meet Bear, an energetic young adult who loves water, squeaky toys, and snacks!

A probable combination of black lab and pit bull, he's a big, handsome boy. He can be mellow at times, but his main MO is a puppylike zest for life! It's possible Bear had never seen a leash until coming to FAAS, so he's still learning how to read his walker's signals, but he happily checks out his surroundings without batting an eye at other dogs or animals, people or kids nearby. He's got such a good heart that one day "gentle giant" will describe him perfectly. Right now he's too big and wiggly for kids and he'll need someone who can continue his leash training.

Bear is super smart and already knows lots of other commands. Come meet this dog of a lifetime!