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Dora The Explorer

Personality: Affectionate and smart

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 72 lbs.

Age: 5 Years

Fee: I’ve been sponsored - so no adoption fee!

Meet Dora, a people lover who lives for belly rubs and to show off her sit, shake and down. She loves meeting new humans and is seeking an all-adult family with no other pets.

Dora is one of several doggos at FAAS coming up on a 1-year shelterversary. She’s been here a very long time and needs a home ASAP.

Dora just went into a foster home for a much-needed break. We need more foster homes for long-stay residents like Dora. We love our foster families!

Here’s what Dora’s foster family has to say about her:
“I know it's early but we are just in awe of how well she is taking her transition. She's eating, drinking, peeing, pooping, slept through the night, no accidents. And she's just so good. She is patient and sits at our feet. She seems totally content to just be near us. We ate our dinner and while she was interested in the smells she didn't beg nor whine and just lay down near us. She sat on the kitchen floor this morning while I got her food ready with no jumping.

She nudges both of us in the legs and LOVES us to rub and scratch her head and already is rolling over on the ground and wants belly rubs. Oh and she sighs loudly and often snores. Lol”

Earlier this year Dora was fostered at Urban Cowgirl Ranch. She loved ranch life! Check her out on YouTube:

For more information please call Nanou Ballou at 510-337-8575.

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