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Personality: Gentle, playful, super-shy

Sex: Male

Weight: 16 lbs.

Age: 5 Years

Eugene is a favorite at FAAS. He's a very special little guy who has come a long way to find his happily ever after. He's looking for his forever home, so read what his foster family has to say about him:
"Eugene is a quiet, gentle soul who must have gotten a really tough start in life. He has been cared for by Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter since July 2022. For four months he didn’t leave his kennel at all. The shelter team was unable to walk or interact with him because he was so terrified of being touched.
In November my husband and I took Eugene in as a foster and he is slowly blossoming. With the help of some sedation we were able to get a harness on him and that is when he really began to change. Eugene absolutely LOVES walks. He keeps a nice brisk pace and doesn’t pull. He would be an ideal walking/hiking buddy.
Eugene looks constantly to our other dog for guidance and how to behave and actually be a dog. He follows our dog around like a baby duckling, so it would be great (but not required) if he found a home with another dog sibling. He gives our cat a wide bubble of respect and otherwise pays her no attention.
Eugene has done excellent with housetraining and learned really quickly that outside is potty time. He is doing great holding it overnight as well and is familiar with using potty pads.
Eugene needs a quiet, gentle, child-free home with lots of patience. In most ways he is a normal shy dog. He wags his tail like crazy when he sees us and does excited hops and zoomies when we come home or when we are getting ready for a walk. Eugene definitely has a playful side! He likes to play "touchless tag” by running around the house and enjoys pulling all of the stuffing out of any fluffy toy he can get his paws on.
At this point Eugene can tolerate, but does not enjoy, light pets on his head and back. He does not accept any other kind of handling and is still nervous even when we go to clip on his leash. He is not aggressive at all, but he will become increasingly panicked and thrash with all his strength to avoid handling.
Eugene is cat-like in that he clearly enjoys our company and will follow us from room to room to hang out and keep tabs on us. But aside from handing him a few treats Eugene prefers interaction from afar – no touching for now, please.
Eugene is looking for a very special person who respects his boundaries and can meet him where he is at. He has such a sensitive, sweet soul and we can tell that he is working very hard to overcome whatever harm he experienced in the past."
Do you want to know more about this adorable pup? Call or text Eugene’s foster mom directly at (414) 587-4846

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