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Personality: Calm mamacita

Sex: Female

Weight: 53 lbs

Age: 2 Years


Hasbro is a friendly, outgoing young pittie with truly magnificent ears.

Hasbro has been staying with a great foster family who loves her. However, they are about to have a human baby so Hasbro needs a new place to be comfy while she finds her forever home. Here's what her foster mom has to say:

• Hasbro has been living with super preggo me, my husband and our toddler. Hasbro is great with kids. Irrational toddler meltdown? Erratic behavior? Doesn’t faze her.
• She’s housebroken!
• She has quickly earned privileges on the couch and around the house. She likes to carry around shoes but she’s not destructive, even with toddler toys and stuffies around.
• She’s fun to have around. You’ll laugh at her antics. Get some dog toys ready because she loves them. These she will systematically destroy.
• Hasbro is a cuddlebug and you’ll lose personal space.
• She needs some polish but it’s pretty minor. She loves walks but hasn’t been well leash trained. She wants all your love but needs to stay down sometimes. Make sure to push food back on the counter or she’ll help herself.

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