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Personality: The goodest boy, snappy dresser

Sex: Male

Weight: 65 lbs.

Age: 2 Years


Little known fact: Henley was the first dog to perfect the art of throwing his tie over one shoulder to keep it out of his kibble. (True story!)

Henley does not wear his feelings on his sleeve. He's just the tiniest bit reserved in new situations and around new friends, but give him a little while and his true self comes out: a very sweet, accepting and playful young dog. Once introduced, he gets on famously with other pups his size and plays his heart out. He's good with all sizes of people; we don't know about cats (but it wouldn't surprise us if he's just as gentle).

Henley seeks a loving forever home with enough closet space for his clothes. Make this awesome guy a part of your pack!

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