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Hershey and Mocha

Personality: Hershey is outgoing, Mocha timid, both sweet and friendly

Sex: Male and Female

Weight: 57 lbs. and 66 lbs.

Age: 7 Years and 5 Years

Hershey (front in photo), 7, and Mocha, 5, recently lost their shared home, through no fault of their own. Hershey is the leader and doer, the extrovert of the pair. Mocha is very shy and frightened without Hershey, but when allowed to be with him, she comes right out of her shell and thrives. Splitting these two up would be traumatic for Mocha so we’re hoping for an adopter willing to take both. Both are around 60 pounds, healthy and very sweet and friendly. Please call 510-337-8565 for adoption information.