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Personality: Affectionate, sensitive, stinker

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 22 lbs.

Age: 8 Years

Fee: I’ve been sponsored - so no adoption fee!



He's small, white and fluffy. He prances, he dances, he begs. Everything he does is adorable - until it's not.  Meet Jimmy, a real stinker. 

Jimmy is super friendly, but sometimes feels the need to explain things with his teeth. This little raggamuffin has been adopted and returned *cough* times for nipping. He's Benji with a streak of Dracula. 

Cujo (book and movie), exposed ankles, the smell of fear, the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character (his hero), men, walks, naps, petting and hugs

Being harnessed for walks, being awakened from naps, cats, women, or children who harness him or wake him from naps, empty food bowls, petting and hugs

Jimmy’s not completely to blame for his execrable behavior. He spent his first eight years with a canine BFF who handled all their PR. Jimmy depended on his friend's people skills to keep him out of trouble - then she got adopted and Jimmy lost his buffer. He has no clue how to get along with people. 

So underneath Jimmy’s cuteness might be a little punk, but underneath the punk is just a little dog who needs someone who won’t give up on him. We are confident that given enough time to acclimate, relax, and feel safe, Jimmy will provide a lifetime of love to his new person. FAAS provides six weeks of free canine training and a box of Band-Aids. If you would like to be Jimmy’s hero, please contact Steve Ferguson at, 510-337-8565.