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Joey and Chandler

Breed: Chihuahua mixes

Personality: Sweet, friendly, smart, energetic, a tad shy

Sex: Neutered Males

Weight: 8 and 10 pounds

Age: 4 years

Hi, we're Joey and Chandler -- best friends, of course! We sleep, eat and play together. We've been together all our young lives and would like to stay that way. For little dogs, we've traveled a long road in a short time. We first came to FAAS three years ago from Napa, during the fires. Recently our family moved and did not take us with them, so we're back at FAAS again, where we know we will be loved and get good care. (We're almost up-to-date on our vaccinations again!) Joey ("the tan one") is the outgoing one; he warms up to people a lot more quickly than me, Chandler ("the white one"). I'm much shyer but give me a little time and I will become affectionate, too. We have lots of love to give; we just need someone who can love us first and be patient while we get comfortable. If you would like to show us what forever love is, we would like to meet you! We would also be excited to stay in a foster home until our permanent home comes along. For more information, please call FAAS at (510) 337-8565 or email