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Personality: Mellow good guy

Sex: Neutered male

Weight: 72 lbs

Age: 4 years old

Fee: February Special: All pets $45!


Hey, hey, heeeyyy!

Don't let his doggie six-pack intimidate you. Kilo is an easy-going, mellow kind of mutt, more like a Matthew McConaughey than the Hulk. 

Sweet Kilo is just freshly up for adoption, and is the most gentle, patient, good soul. He should have a little halo over his head. Or really, a big one, as is befitting such a lovebug mug!

Even with a painful ear infection (getting better with treatment), he is as laid back and chill as can be. We love him from his big dear face to his chunky paws. (He's 4, so no worries, he won't be growing into them anymore.)

He's easy to harness, easy to walk, and no cleanup required - he's housebroken. If you have five minutes, though, he would love to get a tummy scratch!

Kilo gives a kind of Zenny vibe and you feel calmer just for being around him. Come see him, come walk him, come relax at his side, Tuesday through through Sunday from 12 to 4PM.

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