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Personality: Zen lady

Sex: Spayed female

Weight: 61 lbs.

Age: 7 years

Fee: February Special: All pets $45!


Note: This pet is in a foster home but still needs a forever family. To arrange a meeting, please fill out an application (below) and call (510) 337-8565.

Kira is a sweet older husky who is all about the chill. The more laid-back the vibe, the bigger the tail wag.

We wouldn't exactly call her a diva - Kira does love being around people and gets along great with other animals that share her energy level. However, she's past enjoying rambunctious puppies and pouncing kittens. So, calm pets only, please.


* Would love to keep you company as you work at home

* No grooming necessary; Kira does her own hair

* No special requests like red M&Ms. However, please don't rearrange her toys.

* Older kids only.

Kira is a great walker and a sweet home companion. She's a regal Siberian husky waiting for you.

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