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Personality: Gentle and patient

Sex: Male

Weight: 90 lbs.

Age: 4 years old

Fee: February Special: All pets $45!


Kodiak might look imposing but he's putty in your hands! 

His rough dark coat and big kingly head cut a heroic figure. Though he could easily use his size and strength to his advantage, gentle Kodiak is the sweetest soul. He always responds to touch.

Kodiak is calm and smart. He's easy to walk, seems good with other dogs, and loves to sniff as he moves along. He enjoys trotting through a park if you're up for a light jog with him, but he's happy to saunter at a slow and thoughtful clip as well.

He's also patient. The wonderful volunteer who took him out for pictures needed a long time to figure out an unusual harness while she was in his kennel getting him ready. Kodiak just stood patiently, watching, as she worked on it, and eventually lay back down to continue watching the process when it was clear it might take a while. Awwww, what a good boy!

We're concerned Kodiak might be a little deaf, but he could simply be too distracted to look our way when we call him. We will update this profile as we get to know this wonderful boy better.

In the meantime, don't miss out meeting this gentlemanly German shepherd!


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