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Machu Picchu

Sex: Female

Size: 39.4 lbs

Age: 9 months old

Fee: $20 Thru July


Machu Picchu and her brother Cusco are both available for adoption from FAAS. She is shyer and more cautious but has the same great pet potential.

* Takes everything slowly
* Is slowly warming up to other dogs and staff
* Sensitive
* Smart
* No small children
* Other animals unknown
* Pointy-licious ears

Machu could wind up the child-loving dog-ambassador extrovert in your family, but since she hasn't exhibited those qualities here, we recommend a forever family consisting of adults. Considering how well she gets along with her brother, and how much she liked the two dogs owned by her finder, she would probably like having another low-key dog as a sibling.

Come take Machu for a no-drama walk any afternoon but Monday at 1590 Fortmann Way in Alameda, California.

Video: Meet Machu Picchu

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