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Personality: Big, enthusiastic puppy

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 88 lbs.

Age: 2 Years

Hi, I'm Modi, a very sweet, awkward young mastiff mix looking for a strong, active family that has the time to help me polish my manners. I'm very treat motivated and respond well to training - I just need someone dedicated to teaching me! Everyone in my new family should be able to withstand the slobbery attentions of a 90-pound puppy and know how to gently correct my behavior. At my foster family's house, I follow everyone around like a shadow because I love people so much - I just can't help it! I should be fine with kids at least 16 years old. (I might knock down toddlers and older family members who aren't steady on their feet. I haven't been tested with other animals.) 

Here's what my foster dad has to say about me!:

Modi is a big playful guy who can’t get enough of your attention. He is still very much a puppy, with lots to explore and experience in the world. Food is a very big motivator for Modi. He knows “sit” and “down” and “shake” and “watch” and “wait” (most of the time) and will be your shadow for the possibility of something yummy.

On leash he is distracted by new smells, and can test you with his strength. However, if you take him for a quick jog around the block first, he is much better behaved and easier to manage. And if you share tasty treats from your pocket, he will heel like a show dog!

Modi shows his young age when he gets excited…you can tell he is getting wound up and has moments of losing his little puppy mind and starts jumping and barking. Examples include: When he remembers people he has met (especially ones who have given him treats); when he is close to another dog - he is very curious about other dogs, but does not appear to have experience meeting them; when he doesn’t get the attention he wants from you - this is where experience with dogs and especially puppies is helpful, so that you know to be firm as well as redirect him to his toys for a constructive outlet. 

He is a big chewer, but only of toys. A tennis ball will be chomped in pieces in an hour. Toys with squeakers are dismembered in short order. He really likes his Nylabone, and this keeps him busy for hours! He loves to play, but most games are some version of tug of war. He will bring you his rope toy and put it in your hand as if to say, "Hey, try to hold onto this!" He also loves his customized Kong frisbee (it is now a donut), which is again mostly for tug of war, but in the rare instance you do get it, you can get him to sit and wait while you walk across the yard and throw it for him. He has big ups and is good at catching it!

He is excited to go for car rides and will get in without asking as soon as you open the door. He is a water-loving dog, and plays in the fountain in the backyard. He has become comfortable with getting a bath, and enjoys being toweled off and groomed with his curry brush. 

A yard with room to run is essential. He gets the zoomies and likes breaking into a full sprint, although he wears himself out quickly. He has become noticeably more coordinated with these opportunities to stretch his legs.Once he figured out how to burn off his energy outside, he became much calmer in the house, and settles down in his crate or at your feet. He likes to lean on you, or if you are low enough, sit on you, a really big lap dog! If you are good at giving scritches he melts from a sitting position to the floor and when he’s really comfortable he loves tummy rubs.

He doesn’t seem to have any issues with children, and happily (and calmly) met a few when we walked by the park. The biggest concern with kids would just be that he is big, and could bump into them without trying - he’s a little clumsy. Sometimes descending the stairs sounds like a stampede.

He understands he is not allowed on furniture, but it doesn’t keep him from trying to sneak a cheek onto the couch if you are petting him. He thinks every mat on the floor is his mat, and likes to have his designated place. 

In the evenings, he is ready for bed by 8:00, and from then on you will just hear the occasional deep sigh. (“Why is the light still on?”) He is house trained and sleeps all night without asking to go out. His trademark wake-up call is to put his nose on your pillow. (”Hey, are you sleeping?”)

Crate training is in progress. He is comfortable with the crate and spends time there on his own. He is working up to being there alone. If you are in another room, he will wait outside the door in his best attempt to blend in with the rug.

He likes to rest his head on the windowsill and watch the world go by. When the emergency vehicles drive past, he likes to sing along! 

Bonus: Check out the last photo to see a super-cute snapshot of Modi as a puppy. 

So, are you ready to supersize the doggie love in your life with marvelous Modi? He's the dog of a lifetime!

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