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Personality: Ray of sunshine

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 60 lbs

Age: 1 Year


Nimbus will light up your life! A bright, friendly little pittie girl, she's really sweet and easy to be with.

Taking her places is a breeze. She knows all about leashes and harnesses and waits patiently for you to put her gear on, and walks next to you like a chill friend, taking almost everything she sees in stride. (Small animals pique her interest, but you can distract her fairly easily.)

Nimbus warmly greets new people with a wagging tail and pittie smile. She puts up with goofier, more hyperactive dogs with patience. She's practically perfect, except maybe for those with cats in the family.  

Here's what her fostering family has to say:

"Nimbus has been an absolute sweetheart! She is:

- fully crate trained
- very quiet, and does not bark 
- does not chew up human items
- listens well and attentively to humans
- still working on potty training, but likes to do her business on trails. Unable to get her to potty walking around the neighborhood 
- unsure if she likes toys
- great in the car
- loves to cuddle and can spend hours on the couch watching TV
- Great on leash. Pulls some when seeing other animals but is still controllable.
- needs to be lifted into car or elevator but allows this.

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