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Personality: Sweet, friendly, easy-going

Sex: Female

Weight: 8 lbs.

Age: 9 Years

Fee: I’ve been sponsored - so no adoption fee!

Hi, I'm Peppa, a little pistol of a Chihuahua gal looking for a loving home where I can soak up all the love as your only pet. I am incredibly cute (check out my smile!) and happy, especially if I have you to myself! I have a wonky back leg like a lot of Chihuahuas (the fancy medical term is luxating patella) but it doesn't hurt me. On an unrelated topic, I will have some surgery at FAAS soon to have a lump removed, but I expect to be back up on all fours soon after that and raring to go! If you would like to give a sweet little lady a soft landing for her golden years, I am looking for someone to love with all my heart, with lots of tail wags and kisses to repay you for giving me a forever home. To arrange for a trial adoption, please call FAAS at (510) 337-8565 or email