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Scrappy Doo

Personality: Four-legged joie de vivre

Sex: Neutered male

Weight: 68 lbs

Age: 2 years old

Fee: February Special: All pets just $45!


This pet is at Puppy Behavior Camp but you can still meet him! Please submit an application (below) and call FAAS at (510) 337-8565.

Scrappy Doo is our super cute (those freckles!), fun, and feisty four-legged real-life cartoon who reminds us of that certain other Hanna-Barbera dog.

He's young, long-legged and hopping with energy to spare, jumping and playfully mouthing the hands and arms of new friends. That crazy energy is why Scrappy is still here at FAAS, and the noisy kennels just feed his excitement. It's hard for admirers who meet him to imagine Scrappy being anything other than hyperdriven.

Scrappy *can* calm down. He is sweet and charming, oh-so-loving and just plain funny. (Check out the photo of Scraps proudly carrying a tree branch he found while out on a walk with our volunteer Josh.)  But he needs to get out of the shelter and into a home. He needs YOU!

Scrappy's looking for one or more adults with a yard and the time to keep him active and take him to behavior classes. FAAS reimburses your first $200 of training, so you can get a kickstart with a real professional.

If having a real-life version of Scrappy Doo to go on adventures with is something you've always wanted, have we got the good boy for you!

Fill out an adoption application for Scrappy Doo!