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Personality: Sweet, laid-back, loves her toys

Sex: Female

Weight: 55 lbs.

Age: 7 Years

Fee: Because I'm a senior, my adoption fee is half off -- $50.00



Thunder is a very sweet, smart and playful 8-year-old gal. She's good on leash, responds to basic commands and loves playing, especially fetch and tug. We don't know how she is with cats but she might get along with another dog if gradually introduced. Our volunteer Lin recently took Thunder out for a day of fun and here's what she had to say:

"Thunder is affectionate, playful, and well-mannered. She's an excellent walker; some of the time she will spend right by your side, but even when she is out in front, she doesn't pull. She likes a good sniff, but doesn't obsess about it. We went and played ball for awhile. Thunder is GREAT at ball, and even brings the ball back sometimes! But she is not one of those dogs that wants you to throw until your arm falls off! After about 15 minutes of throwing, Thunder is happy to take a break and lie in the shade, keeping you company. After a good long walk, Thunder and I just hung out in my car for a while. She made herself comfortable and napped on my knee. Thunder is a delight, and any family would be lucky to have her."