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Personality: Devoted and playful once I know you!

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 7 lbs

Age: 3 Years

Do you greet complete strangers by wagging your tail, giving kisses, and sitting on command? You don't? Well, neither do I! Hi, I'm Twizzler, a 7-pound Chihuahua with I guess what you would call "boundaries"! To be perfectly honest, I don't let any stranger walk up to me and pat me on the head. It will take me about three days to let down my guard with you. If you have kids, they will have to go slowly with me, too. When I do decide to trust you, I will love you with all my heart - kisses, wags, wriggles and zoomies included! I am the sweetest girl ever! I enjoy my squeaky ball, sniffing out treats, and going for walks. I might get along with other dogs, and cats.

So please don't be put off by my initial shyness. Underneath is the best Chihuahua! 

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