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Personality: Big beautiful puppy smart as a whip

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 55 lbs.

Age: 11 Months

With the right family, stunning Wednesday has great potential! Because she was so undersocialized earlier in life, new people make her nervous. Before she can relax around someone new, she needs a slow introduction and time to adjust. Her forever family will need to be experienced and patient dog people, able to carve out the time to get to know her and train her, while gradually introducing her to a variety of new experiences. Once she's comfortable, she transforms from a wary pup into an active, playful girl who loves to run, play fetch, and drop her toys in the kiddie pool. A smart dog like Wednesday would benefit from the intellectual challenge of agility or "nose work" classes. She'll need a big, fenced-in yard to run in, and to be your only pet, as she hasn't been tested with other animals. Due to her size and strength, kids 16 or older, please! 

Wednesday has a sibling, Pugsley, also available for adoption; however, they are not bonded and will be fine if they don't go to the same home.

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