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Breed: DSH

Personality: Affectionate, Chill, Mini-Puma!

Sex: Male

Weight: 22 lbs.

Age: 9

Fee: None

If you've ever wanted to own a tiny jungle cat, Creature is for you! He's super empathetic - cuddly when you want cuddles, keeps to himself when you're WFH or if he finds a good spot in the sun. He's more loafy than playful, but does love zooming around from time to time (indoors only, please!). Loves a good back and head scratch while he's relaxing at the foot of the bed. Gotta keep an eye on claw maintenance. He doesn't scratch, but if he's playful, he can accidentally get snagged on things.

If you are interested in adopting Creature and want to know more about him, please email his owner at:

Please DO NOT submit a FAAS adoption application for Creature. FAAS Private Adoptions is a referral service only and is not involved in the adoption process or outcome in any way.