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Personality: Energetic, loving, dopey

Sex: Male

Weight: 70 lbs.

Age: 8 yrs.

Fee: None

Sosa is very friendly and enthusiastic toward humans, and has a relatively high energy level at times. But he still spends plenty of time laying on his blanket or couch, cuddled up next to people. He enjoys bones and chew toys, and will make quick work of them. Playtime can be fun, but he occasionally crosses the line and gets a little too wound up. He will quickly calm down once he understands playtime is over, however. He knows a few simple tricks like "sit, "lie down," and "wait." He is relatively indifferent to other dogs when he comes across them on walks, but if they invade his personal space for too long he can get a little defensive. Interacting with other dogs should be done under supervision for at least a while. He should not be around cats under any circumstances. I think he would probably do best as the only pet in a household. He really is very sweet, and would probably flourish best in a household where there is ample human interaction and walks throughout the day, and taken for hikes and other outdoor activities on the weekend. While he can certainly be a couch potato a lot of the time, he needs to stretch his legs with multiple 20-30 minute walks each day. A fenced-in backyard would be wonderful for him! 

If you are interested in adopting Sosa, please contact his owner by phone at 651-470-1365 or email:

DO NOT submit a FAAS adoption application for Sosa. FAAS Private Adoptions is a referral service only. FAAS does not evaluate these pets for adoptability and is not involved in the adoption process or outcome. Descriptions, photos and meet-and-greets are all provided by the owner.