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Breed: Rabbit

Personality: Adorable munchkin

Sex: Female

Weight: 4 lbs

Age: 18 Months


Elanor is a sweet young bunny with loads of long, soft cinnamon hair. Her fluffy coat makes her look a lot bigger than she really is - she only weighs four pounds (compared with about 8 for the average bunny)! And Mom or Dad were lionhead rabbits, because Elanor has a small neck ruff. 

Rabbits like Elanor need regular brushing so that they don't swallow hair while grooming and develop tummy troubles. She enjoys being combed while being held on your lap. It's also a great way to bond; you'll be best friends in no time! Come meet beautiful Elanor at our 1590 Fortmann location noon to 4PM on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. 

Grooming session!

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