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Breed: White Havana

Personality: Active, cuddly

Sex: Male

Age: 3+ Years

Species: Rabbit

Psst! I'm Harper! And I'm a cuddlebug! I was found running loose in Alameda by a kind person who brought me to FAAS. I must have been someone's pampered pet because I am so friendly. Now I'm warm and safe and fed, but I would love to have a home again with kind, gentle people to hold and pet me every single day. I am very playful; I love to dig little holes in the ground! If you have a yard, I could play outside in an enclosed space while you supervise. Just don't be surprised if I prefer to be with you. What can I say? I'm just a house rabbit at heart who wants to hang with his people! (Did I mention I like to cuddle?) I hope we can meet soon!

By the way, here's what my foster mom, Julie, has to say about me: 

  • Harper is such a fun bunny to foster! We have loved hosting him. He may have been found as a stray but he was definitely a house bunny and loves people!
  • He's very responsive and every morning he comes right to the door of his pen to stick his nose out and see who's up to feed him.  His favorite foods are carrot greens, parsley and strawberry tops.
  • Harper also does fine with other pets. He's not afraid of other animals and I think he would do fine with a cat or dog as long as they know to be gentle with him.
  • He is super cuddly and so happy to sit with you. He loves to be held and will nuzzle into your neck or arm. He will even head bump your hand for more attention if you stop scratching him. He's also happy to sit on the couch during family movie time.
  • Harper is very active and loves having enough room to jump around in his outdoor space.  We've created a fun outdoor run with toys and levels for him for during the day and (with FAAS's approval) we will be happy to donate this to his adoptive family. Seen in pictures; size is 2' x 2' x 6' (x-pen).  

If you'd like to know more about me or arrange for a meeting, please call (510) 337-8565!