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Breed: English Spot/French Lop

Personality: She'll keep you hopping!

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: Unknown

Species: Rabbit

Hi, I'm Mendy, a funny little bunny with a big personality!

I love mealtime. When I'm done with my timothy hay, my favorite treats are kale, romaine lettuce and blueberries. You may handfeed me or just put them in my bowl.

To look at me, you might think that all I do is eat, but I am also a very frisky and playful gal. I would rather spend time out of my pen than in it. In fact, I'm a good jumper and have parkoured off my sleeping box and right over my four-foot enclosure! (You're gonna need a taller pen.) 

Inside the house, I love playing hide and seek with my foster mom by holing up under her bed. I am not a bit afraid of dogs. On sunny days I can't wait to join my dog outside. I get jealous if she's in the yard and I'm not! I like to hop around on the grass and sample my mom's garden. I also enjoy lying in the shade with the dog, just enjoying life together.

I don't know how old I am because I was found as a stray, and bunnies' teeth grow continuously, so they look pretty much the same at any age. But if you're looking for a sweet, active bunny to share your life with, I will fill the bill!

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