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Ping Pong

Breed: Rex mix

Personality: Inquisitive, sweet

Sex: Neutered Male

Age: 6 Years

Species: Rabbit

Ping Pong is a pretty English Spot rabbit who is best friends with Rascal, and they are quite the adorable duo! They are inseparable and would like to be adopted together. Ping Pong is slightly larger and more adventurous than Rascal, a female Dutch-Rex mix. He loves exploring tunnels and cardboard boxes. Rascal is more of a homebody but she willingly follows her best buddy when he's on the go. Both are comfortable around people and other pets and enjoy sitting in laps and being petted and brushed. Their foster mom is training them to use a litter box and find treats hidden in toys. If you are interested in meeting Ping Pong and Rascal, please call 510-337-8565.