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Breed: Rabbit

Personality: Gentle

Sex: Male

Size: 3.5 lbs

Fee: $20 Thru July


No relation to the great Russian poet killed while dueling, Pushkin is a peace-loving dreamer who spends most of his time stretched out on his bed of hay while pondering his next snack.

He is also an affectionate bunny with long, soft hair he will love having brushed once he gets to know you.

Pushkin is one of four identical-looking French Angora rabbits abandoned at a shopping center in Alameda. He is now safe at FAAS with his brothers at our 1590 Fortmann location. However, they might be moved to our 2228 South Shore outlet soon, so call FAAS at (510) 337-8565 before you drive over.

Video: Meet the bunnies!

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