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Does your child love animals? While your school might be closed right now, you can still learn a thing or two about pets! Following are short online lessons created by teacher Kasey Brown of Paws Up Edu. They are perfect for rounding out a home-schooling curriculum, or learning about animals just for fun. We hope you enjoy these projects!




Do you like looking at cats, dogs and rabbits available for adoption? Then this lesson is for you! Learn about adoptable pets all over our country and what you can do to help them find homes.

Ages: 8 and older (parents might need to assist kids 10 and younger)
What you will need:  access to the internet, paper and a pencil/pen
Preferred but optional: Home printer
Skills exercised: English (reading/research), critical thinking and math (estimation/organization), art and creativity (projects).
Duration: Minimum 45 minutes                         





We see pigeons almost everywhere we go: on school campuses, on city streets, in parks. Have you ever wanted to know more about these gentle birds? Did you know that pigeons and doves can make great companion animals? Learn about the Alameda, Calif.-based pigeon and dove rescue group, Palomacy, which has helped advocate for the humane treatment of pigeons and doves worldwide!

Ages: 8 and older (parents might need to assist kids younger than 10)
What you will need:  Access to the Internet, paper and a pen or pencil
Optional: Home printer, crayons and other art supplies
Skills exercised: English (reading), critical thinking, art and creativity (projects)
Duration: Minimum 30 minutes




Kids talking about animals!

Fostering Dogs, by Leila Martinez-Melo, Sixth Grade 

About Kasey Brown

Hi! I’m Kasey Brown, a teacher in Alameda, California. Besides teaching math, I also teach an elective class called Animal Care & Welfare at Wood Middle School. Our class learns about companion animals, including cats, dogs and rabbits, and important topics, such as spay/neuter, pet overpopulation, and puppy mills. Guest speakers have talked about working dogs, feral cats, rabbit rescue, greyhounds and lots more. As part of our class, students complete self-chosen projects in small groups to educate and take action that help animals.

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