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Breed: Gray tabby shorthair

Personality: Blossoming

Sex: Spayed female

Size: 7 lbs

Age: Adult

Fee: $25 Thru June!


Note: This pet is in a foster home. Please call (510) 337-8565 to arrange a meeting.

Freida is "Fraidy" no more! In her foster home she is becoming the loving, curious kitty we always knew she was, so she deserves a new name more fitting of her blossoming personality. All she needs is time! 

Here's what her foster mom has to say:

"I have had "Fraidy" since Dec 1, and she is slowly opening up!

She still hides under the bed a lot, but always comes out to eat in the kitchen, scurries past me, and sometimes I find her in the living room when I wake up. She doesn't come up onto your lap by choice, but does meow like she WANTS to (but isn't quite there with the full trust yet)!

Every night she comes up onto my bed while I am laying down in the dark, and gives a cute "meow!" and allows me to scratch her chin, body, pet her, but keeps just the right amount of distance to be able to bolt in case a fast move or sound frightens her.

She is slowly gaining trust! I have hope she will get better at it. She is afraid of toys, and does not come to a call, but she played on a handmade cat mat that is infused with catnip the past few days, and she likes to jump up on my window sill behind the curtain.

She doesn't allow me to pick her up, or cuddle, but she sleeps next to me on the bed in her little bed. So it is getting better!"

It's clear Freida is going to be someone's little shadow and more! Wouldn't you like to give this affectionate wallflower the home she craves?

Apply to adopt Freida!