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Breed: Black and white tabby shorthair

Personality: Shy

Sex: Neutered male

Size: 10 lbs.

Age: 8 years old

Fee: $20 Through May


Note: This pet is in a foster home but still needs a forever family. To meet him, please call FAAS at (510) 337-8565.

Tinsel is a fairy that has taken the form of a cat.

Like most mythical creatures he prefers to stay hidden; he is an all-seeing eye that watches humans from on high.

He does not like to be gazed upon or photographed. And then, inexplicably, he will suddenly prove his corporeal existence by darting through the room. 

Tinsel has lived in the cupboards at FAAS for a long time. He's ready for a change.

Can your pantry fit a feline with social anxiety? Tinsel would like to meet you!

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