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Aqua & Chewey

Personality: Bonded pair!

Sex: Spayed female & neutered male

Size: 12 lbs

Age: 5 & 7 years old

Fee: Only $40 per pet through May


Aqua and Chewey are the cutest BFFs.

Both are Chihuahua mixes, Aqua a friendly shorthaired 5-year-old female, and Chewey a long-haired male, 7 years old. 

Like true besties, they like to do everything together. They sleep together, eat together, go on walks together. They even weigh the same: 12 pounds.

Aqua is slightly more outgoing than her pal. Chewey is a little shy.

Neither like to be separated from the other, not even for a minute! However, we have a feeling that once in a forever home, these darlings will quickly lose their inhibitions and live life to the very cutest! 

Meet this dynamic duo any afternoon but Mondays at FAAS, 1590 Fortmann Way in Alameda. 

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