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Buster Brown

Personality: Cuddly

Sex: Neutered male

Weight: 61 lbs

Age: 6 years old

Fee: $40 April Special!


Buster Brown is a fun smile with a dog attached. Adopt him and your life will be full of these wide grins, as if you're sharing an inside joke with your dog (and it's the best ever)!

Six-year-old Buster is super cuddly with a heart full of love for the right person. He bonds strongly with his people but he's not a fan of kids or fast-moving strangers such as joggers or skateboarders whizzing by. (This might be due to his sight or arthritis - he's on a daily medication.)

Mr. B is moderately active, up for walks but perhaps not marathon hikes. Most likely he will just want to crash on your couch and make silly faces at you.

If you can't adopt right now, Buster would love a foster family that could take him for a few days or weeks. This would help ease him back into life "out there," so he's prepared for the real deal when it happens. (We'll give you all the supplies you'll need for his stay, including dog bed, leash, and food.)

Meet Buster during adoption hours or call us at 510-337-8565 to arrange a special time.

Buster's Quick Facts:
Loves people: Yes
Quiet home: Probably best
Other pets in home: He should be the only one
Kids: No
You: Must love snuggles!

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