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Guy Fieri

Personality: Happy innocent

Sex: Male

Weight: 42 lbs.

Age: 10 months

Fee: February Special: All pets $45!


Guy Fieri is a happy, sweet, goofy, fun-loving young dog on the small side for his breed. He arrived at FAAS with two siblings after they all appeared to have been confined to a crate since birth.

Due to his rough beginning in life Guy is afraid of everyday things such as crossing the threshold of a door. However, he's slowly learning about the world around him and does better every time we take him out to play!

He is also a little wobbly when standing or running; vets suspect cerebellar hypoplasia, a brain condition for which there is no treatment. The good news is Guy shouldn't get worse and might get better with time. Currently he gets around just fine and doesn't know he has a problem!

Guy is seeking a patient, quiet home that can continue to get him out into the world and show him life is wonderful. A home with a dog would be great because he loves to roughhouse. You can visit Guy from 12-4 any day but Monday. If you have questions, please call us at 510-337-8565.

Video: Watch Guy (tan and white) romp with his sibs

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