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Guy Fieri

Personality: Happy-go-lucky

Sex: Male

Size: 42 lbs.

Age: 1 year

Fee: $20 Thru July


Guy Fieri is a happy, sweet, goofy, fun-loving young dog on the small side for his breed. He loves people and playing with other dogs.

Due to rough treatment as a puppy, Guy gets spooked sometimes by everyday things such as going through doors, but he grows more confident every day. 

Guy has a pesky but benign neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. It causes him to wobble a bit. The good news is he shouldn't get worse and might get better with time. He gets around just fine and doesn't know he has a problem.

Guy needs an understanding home, ideally with another dog his size, that can love him, spend lots of time with him, and continue to introduce him to the world. 

You can visit Guy from 12-4 any day but Monday. If you have questions, please call us at 510-337-8565.

Video: Guy (tan and white) loves running with his littermates, Julia Child and Bobby Flay

Video: Guy loves Story, the bathing beauty

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