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Personality: Joyful

Sex: Spayed female

Size: 50 lbs

Age: 2 years

Fee: No adoption fee - I have been sponsored!


Note: This pet is in a foster home but still needs a forever family. Please call (510) 337-8565 to arrange a meeting.

Imagine waking up to this happy little face every day! Bubbly Samantha radiates pure doggie joy. She's a smiler who seems to revel in life, a dog who sees the glass as half full. The word "wigglebutt" was invented for her.

* Small for her breed
* Easy to walk
* Lots of fun
* Loves people
* Good with kids
* Wants to be only pet 

An admirer has already paid her adoption fee so you don't have to!

Video: Meet Samantha

Video: She's easy to walk

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