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Breed: Frenchie mix

Personality: Determined and playful

Sex: Neutered male

Age: 4 years old

Fee: February Special: All pets just $45!


Scoots has come such a long way! Look at him standing on four legs, with a little assistance from our amazing volunteer Donna. She comes in regularly to work with Scoots beyond his visits to the physical therapist. (We didn’t manage to capture her halo, but it’s there!)

Little Scoots has intervertebral disk disease, which means he has been having trouble using his back legs. Just as his name implies, Scoots stilll relies mostly on his front legs to get around. He needs a yoga-mat like surface for traction and comfort and with his incontinence he requires someone who can keep him clean and cared for. He would be the ideal special-needs companion for someone who works from home. 

Scoots currently lives in our reception area, where he’s doted on by our caring staff. Even though he still relies on his front legs to get around, he’s been using his hind legs on his own more often. 

When Scoots goes to PT he does intensive work, and gets to enjoy a session of hydrotherapy. Between this and what he gets at FAAS, this adorable little guy is getting stronger all the time. We are blown away by his progress!

He scampers around like a champ and loves life. He is the sweetest, most fun little dog around, always ready to play or cuddle, or go for a walk in his sling. At home, he's good with other pets and kids. 

Scoots is available for adoption to someone who can continue to work with his special needs. He's sooo worth it! 

You can meet him between 12 and 4 any day of the week except Monday. Or call is if you have questions. 510-337-8565.

Fill out an adoption application today for Scoots!