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Stan Lee

Personality: Your little shadow

Sex: Neutered male

Weight: 8 pounds

Age: 13 years old

Fee: $40 April Special!


Note: This pet is in a foster home. Please call (510) 337-8565 to arrange a meeting.

Do you have an especially soft spot for grumpy little dogs in need of serious TLC? If so, you need Stan Lee in your life.

Stan came to us at 13 years old, nervous and shy, with significant hearing and sight loss. He was having a very hard time of it in his kennel, scared and alone and unable to see or hear well. But then along came one of our fantastic fosters, and now Stan is greatly enjoying life in a cozy home with other small dogs.

He is a different dog there — a cute old man who shadows his foster, loves time on her lap, and adores the other little dogs in the household. His biggest dislikes are his eyedrops and being overhanded. (Lap = good ????. Lots of cuddling = bad ????.)

To see how far Stan has already come with just a little attention, look again at the first photo, of a frightened little dog in a kennel, and the second picture, of an alert, happy little guy enjoying some lap time. Love makes all the difference.

Stan Lee loves a quiet home, time on a warm lap, and other small dogs who aren't too "in your face." He's not a cuddler, but he is a shadow, so he'll never be too far away. Can you give Stan the comfort and peace and love he so deserves in his final years? Call us at 510-337-8565 and we can arrange a meetup!

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