Angel's Story

If FAAS had an official rescue dog of the year, it would be Angel. This special boy touched so many people and programs at FAAS – from animal care to medical to volunteers and (spoiler alert!) adoptions.  


Angel came to us last year with an enthusiasm for life that was contagious. But even his joyful exuberance could not hide the fact that something was wrong. Angel was limping and clearly in pain.  

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A visit to a veterinary specialty hospital revealed that a few months earlier, he’d had surgery to repair a broken leg. X-rays showed a metal plate with screws and a pin that was too long. The pin appeared to be scraping Angel’s muscles and his sciatic nerve as he walked.

It was deeply painful for Angel. Not that he ever let on.

Thanks to YOU, we didn’t hesitate to get this stoic boy the surgery he desperately needed to remove the pin from the marrow of his femur, and to provide him with physical therapy and laser treatment.

Your generosity enabling vital medical care that brings comfort and healing to FAAS pets is not a new phenomenon. But none of us expected that Angel would need your support twice more in the year that followed.

After his pin-removal surgery, Angel was treated for pneumonia and underwent another surgery, to remove a foxtail that had caused a serious leg infection. As he patiently endured a second and third medical recovery, his doting foster family—and everyone at FAAS—fell more in love with Angel. He made friends with all of us – even dogs who were reluctant to interact with other dogs. How could he be so resilient?

Because of you, he knew he was loved, safe, and destined to complete someone’s family. And sure enough, Angel made a full recovery— times three.

The best part of this story is that Angel played the long game. Having spent months with his second FAAS foster family, he had taken up permanent residence in their hearts. He now has five family members – two parents, two human siblings,

and one dog sibling.

“Angel adds so much to our lives,” says Errin, Angel’s adoptive mom. “We’re so grateful for everything FAAS did for him.”

FAAS takes in nearly 1,000 homeless pets like Angel every year, and demand for our services is only growing. With your help can we provide pets like Angel the care they need so that one day they can thrive as someone’s beloved companion.


Thanks to you, Angel is living a dream life, free of pain, and surrounded by his very own forever family.

No matter what, FAAS was there for Angel because you were there for FAAS. 

Please give generously so we can continue to save homeless pets like Angel, together.


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