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About our life-saving programs


When making a donation you will be asked to choose one of the following funds. 

General Fund
Your donation is directed to the program or animal most in need.

The Thrifty Kitty 
Help pay expenses to run our new thrift store, The Thrifty Kitty. The store's net proceeds go directly to care for FAAS shelter animals.  

Starfish Medical Fund
Help us save homeless pets that arrive at our shelter seriously ill or injured. This fund covers conditions beyond basic care such as dental disease, broken bones, cancer, mange and infections. It is funded entirely by donations and named in honor of Starfish, a German shepherd puppy who overcame Swimmer Puppy's Syndrome.

Sasha Training Fund
Help us provide free basic canine training with every dog adoption and send FAAS shelter dogs with behavior problems to a training camp. Shelly and Sherry Gable established the Fund in memory of their beloved German shepherd, Sasha. 

Skyla Fund 
The Skyla Fund was established by Shelly Gable in 2021 to help low-income pet owners living in Alameda, Calif., avoid having to surrender a pet to FAAS for financial reasons. Applicants may request financial aid to pay a veterinary bill, a pet deposit on a rental home, or certain other pet-related expenses, such as fixing a broken gate or fence.



Thanks to the support of friends like you,
Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter is able to to save virtually
every homeless pet that comes through our doors.



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