Donate to the Starfish Fund

Our emergency medical fund is named after a 10-week-old German shepherd puppy once cared for by FAAS. When found abandoned on Alameda's Crown Beach, the puppy couldn't stand or walk, only lie flat with her legs splayed like a starfish's. She had a serious birth defect called swimmer puppy's syndrome. But thanks to FAAS's medical fund, Starfish received the multiple surgeries and physical therapy she desperately needed. Starfish learned how to stand, then walk, and then even run like a normal dog. Today she is a beloved and active member of her adoptive family, the Grays. 

Over the years, the Starfish Fund has helped dozens of other FAAS dogs, cats, rabbits and birds recover from illness and injury. Artemis, a 1-year-old mastiff, suffered from a life-threatening case of mange.Take a look at his "before" and "after" pictures, below. This is what your generosity makes possible! 

 Arthur before and after mange treatment

Please make a generous gift to the Starfish Fund today so we can continue to save the most vulnerable of our homeless animals.

Trusting, innocent pets like Starfish, Artemis and so many others that would otherwise suffer are depending on you!

If you prefer, you can make a donation by calling 510-337-8565, visiting the shelter in person, or mailing a check to FAAS, 1590 Fortmann Way, Alameda, CA 94501. Thank you.

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