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Breed: Husky

Personality: Sweet, playful, active

Sex: Female

Size: 50 lbs.

Age: 3 yrs

Fee: None

Sydney is the sweetest, calmest Husky you will ever meet. She is still a Husky though and needs an active lifestyle to keep her happy and engaged. She loves going on walks, hikes, and runs. She's very good on leash and and off leash (she has great recall!). She also loves cuddling and napping with you. She gets along really well with other huskies and other medium sized, energetic dogs. However, she is dog selective and should not be around smaller dogs. Sydney is extremely friendly and loves everyone she meets. She also loves bones, cookies, apples, and strawberries!

If you are interested in adopting Sydney, please call her owner directly at: (650) 796-4283 or email:   

Please DO NOT submit a FAAS adoption application for this animal. FAAS Private Adoptions is a referral service only. FAAS does not evaluate these pets for adoptability and is not involved in the adoption process or outcome. Descriptions, photos and meet-and-greets are all provided by the owner.