Pet Emergency Forms

These forms will come in handy if your pet ever needs care and you are not around to provide it. Simply click, print and fill out.

Tip: Print several Emergency Pet Information cards and keep one in all your wallets/bags. Keep one copy of Caregiver Consent and Pet Care Instructions forms in a well-marked folder in your home and give copies to your pet sitter and one or two friends. 


> Emergency Pet Information Card. Provide immediate information about your pet(s) at home in case you are in an accident.
View, print, fill out, fold, keep in wallet.

> Owner Consent Form. Gives your pet sitter permission to act on your behalf in case your pet is lost or has a medical emergency while you are out of town. 
View, print, fill out and leave with caregiver(s).

 > Pet Care Instructions. One convenient place to record your pet(s)' diet and medication information.
View, print, fill out, cut on dotted line, fold, and keep in emergency/pet sitter folder.

> Pet Disaster Kit Checklist.  Gather everything you'll need for your pet in case of earthquake, flood or other disaster.
View, print, collect supplies and store in safe place.



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